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 Geheimnisse vom New-Moon Set

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This is the third freezing night in a row that the cast has worked until dawn, but that doesn't stop the set from feeling warm and jovial. Pattinson mugs for the movie camera between takes and teases his costar for just lying on the floor in the midst of all the vamp-on-vamp violence. “Do you want Kristen to give us a little life back there?” he jokes to the director. Kristen smiles. “I'm just writhing down here,” she says. “A lot of writhing. I writhe really well.”

So do “Twilight” fans. Right now, for instance, millions of them around the world are writhing in delicious agony as they wait for “New Moon” to hit theaters on Nov. 20. Last year “Twilight,” the first adaptation of author Stephenie Meyer's series, grossed close to $400 million worldwide and set Stewart and Pattinson on the road to superstardom — and superscrutiny. Now the team is back with “New Moon,” though the sequel is a different beast — and one that's not as easy to tame. Meyer's second book is steeped in heartbreak and sadness, focusing on Bella's road to recovery after Edward smashes her heart into a million pieces and then vanishes. In addition to the melodrama, the movie has to make do with very little of the dreamy Edward Cullen. Instead, it mainly concerns the burgeoning relationship between Bella and her friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), who transforms into a gnarling werewolf

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Geheimnisse vom New-Moon Set
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