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 Diese Musik hörte Stephenie beim schreiben!

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BeitragThema: Diese Musik hörte Stephenie beim schreiben!   Mo Jul 27, 2009 11:59 pm

Stephenie hört beim Schreiben gerne Musik, wie sie sagt. Hier ist ihre Playlist.

Twilight – Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen

“Diese Liste ist nicht in Granit gemeißelt, sie verformt sich hin und wieder. Aber in diesem Augenblick ist das die Musik die ich in meinem Kopf höre, wenn ich das Buch lese.” Stephenie Meyer

“Why Does it Always Rain on Me?” — Travis
“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” — My Chemical Romance
“Creep” [radio Version] — Radiohead
“In My Place” — Coldplay
“By Myself” — Linkin Park
“Dreaming” — OMD
“Please Forgive Me” — David Gray
“Here With Me” — Dido
“With You” [reanimation remix] — Linkin Park
“Time is Running Out” — Muse
“Dreams” — The Cranberries
“Tremble for My Beloved” — Collective Soul
“Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” — Billy Joel

New Moon – Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde

Die Buchstaben hinter den Songs stehen für Bella (B), Edward (E), und Jakob (J)

“Do you realize?” – The Flaming Lips (B)
“Papercut” – Linkin Park (B)
“Hyper Music” – Muse (B)
“Apocalypse Please” – Muse (B)
“Time Stands Still” – The All-American Rejects (B)
“Empty Room” – Marjorie Fair (B)
“Unwell” – Matchbox Twenty (B)
“Pain” – Jimmy Eat World (B)
“Ride” – The Vines (B)
“Fix You” – Coldplay (J)
“Blueside” – Rooney (B)
“Over My Head (Cable Car)” – The Fray (B)
“Going Under” – Evanescence (B)
“Tautou” – Brand New (B)
“Be My Escape” – Relient K (B)
“Never Let You Down” – Verve Pipe (J)
“Sing For Absolution” – Muse (E)
“Ya Mamma” – Fatboy Slim (Generic action-scene music)
“D.O.A.” – Foo Fighters
“Stare” – Marjorie Fair (B)
“Memory” – Sugarcult (B)
“The Truth About Heaven” – Armor For Sleep (B)
“The Scientist” – Coldplay (E)
“Sound of Pulling Heaven Down” – Blue October (E)

Eclipse – Bis(s) zum Abendrot

“Mexican Standoff” — Elbow
“Hamburg Song” — Keane
“Clocks” — Coldplay
“The Small Print” — Muse
“Stab My Back” — The All-American Rejects
“Overweight” — Blue October
“Mr. Brightside” — The Killers
“Newborn” — Muse
“Love Me Like You” — The Magic Numbers
“Vindicated” — Dashboard Confessional
“Hysteria” — Muse
“Uninvited” — Alanis Morissette
“Yes Please” — Muse
“Infra-Red” — Placebo
“The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” — Brand New
“Luv” — Travis
“Blackout” — Muse
“It’s A Disaster” — Ok Go

Breaking Dawn – Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht

Buch 1
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” — Beach Boys
“White Wedding” — Billy Idol
“Congratulations” — Blue October
“Take Me Away” — Plain White T’s
“Dark Blue” — Jack’s Mannequin
“No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground” — Coldplay
“Hemorrhage” — Fuel

Buch 2
“Down In It” — Nine Inch Nails
“What it Takes” — Aerosmith
“Earth to Bella (part 1)” — Incubus
“No I in Threesome” — Interpol
“Twisted Transistor” — Korn
“Wolf Like Me” — TV on the Radio
“The Sharpest Lives” — My Chemical Romance
“Point of Extinction” — Motion City Soundtrack
“Accelerate” — R.E.M.
“My Never” — Blue October
“Someone to Die For” — Jimmy Gnecco

Buch 3
“Today” — Smashing Pumpkins
“I’m Too Sexy” — Right Said Fred
“Pts. Of Athrty” — Linink Park
“Duck and Run” — 3 Doors Down
“Hazy Shade of Winter” — Simon and Garfunkel
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark” — Death Cab for Cutie
“Intro [Absolution]” — Muse
“Take A Bow” — Muse
“Assassin” — Muse
“Invincible” — Ok Go
“Safe” — Travis
“No Cars Go” — Arcade Fire

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Diese Musik hörte Stephenie beim schreiben!
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