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 Interview mit Peter,Justin und Alex

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Hier haben wir ein Interview das auf der diesjährigen "Film und Comic Con" in London mit den "New Moon" Schauspielern Peter Facinelli(Dr.Carlisle Cullen),Justin Chon(Eric Yorkie) und Alex Meraz (Paul) geführt wurde.

Enjoy it!! Very Happy

Fan: Apart from Twilight is there any other vampire or werewolf character you would like to play?
Peter is thinking and passes the question on to Alex.
Alex: I really liked Gary Oldman’s performance of Dracula in the recent movie so that would be a character I’d love to play.

Justin replies without even thinking: Kirsten Dunst’s part in "Interview with a Vampire".

After thinking for some more time and telling the audience he had no idea, Peter says: Wait! Buffy. But to be honest, I don’t know many vampire stories.

Fan: How much of yourself were you able to bring into your character?
Justin: I had a lot of freedom to bring into my character as Stephenie hasn’t clearly described Eric.

Alex: Chris casted people that were naturally like their character. He did only one casting for Sam Uley and they picked up all people (wolf pack) out of that casting. As I played kind of aggressive that is why I got Paul.

Peter: Catherine gave me a lot of freedom with Carlisle, besides from dying my hair blond. I basically created Carlisle and she formed it. I created his speech pattern, though. He’s originally from London but I thought he would have lost his British accent by that time already. So my idea was that Carlisle talks very properly. I made him speak with a very proper American accent, as I thought he would have lost his English accent after such a long time being away.

Fan: Question to Justin. Are you Team Jake or Edward?
Justin: I’m Team Justin.

Peter: He likes worms.

They’re all seated in a row but are having trouble hearing the fans’ questions. So Peter stands up and walks through the audience with his microphone to be able to better understand the questions.
Fan: What song would you put on soundtrack if you could choose from any?
Peter: All the single ladies for sure!

Then a girl stands up and asks Peter to pass a little paper on to Kristen Stewart. He takes the message.
Peter: You want me to be a messenger pigeon. I’m telling you, I’m going to read this. Oh, it’s a phone number. I’ll give the number to Kristen but I can’t promise she’s ever going to call.

Peter has a question for Alex: Tell me, how is it to have such a fanbase before the movie even came out?
Alex: It’s amazing. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be afterwards.

Peter: So you know how we felt. None of us had an idea on how big it would be. When we went to the premiere there were 5000 people there and it was great. And I thought, wow, it’s going to be amazing when they like the movie. But it was threatening at the same time as I thought that they might turn into an angry mob if they didn’t like the movie. I’m happy they did. [laughing]

Fan: What is it you like best in your character?
Alex: I really like how Stephenie created the characters of the wolves. I like that Native Americans are not demonised in the Twilight-Saga. Instead they’re something big and fantastic.
Peter is getting people to come to the front to ask their questions.

Fan to Alex: How do you feel about joining the Twilight-team?
Alex: I was pretty nervous. I felt like at my first day in school, as if I was a junior, and the others were seniors. So I asked a lot for advice. But everyone was pretty open. I found it pretty refreshing.

Peter: I bought him (Alex) a donut. I remember we were all hanging out at Kristen’s apartment ‘til 2 am and Rob was playing the guitar.

Fan to Alex: Would you play a vampire if you had a chance?
Alex: NO! I always had a fascination with wolves since I was a kid. I really like their eyes and the strength of a wolf.

Peter: For a vampire he needs to workout more.

Peter asks Alex: Do you transform?
Alex: Yes I do.

Peter: I haven’t seen anything that he has done at all.

Fan: Did you read the books or see the first Twilight movie?
Alex: I watched Twilight. And I read the first two books. I bought Eclipse to read it on the plane.

Fan: What Twilight character do you like most?
Alex: I really like Leah! She’s pretty interesting. She’s got the powers of a man, as she is the only woman of the wolf pack and the only woman being able to transform.

Justin: My favourite character is Carlisle! Not because Peter is here. I think he’s pretty cool.

Peter: I have Edward envy. I take Carlisle as a roundup. But I really like Edward.

Fan: Who gets recognised more often in the streets you (Peter) or his Jenny (his wife)?
Peter: It used to be Jenny. But I have to admit that when I’m with my family I’m not much aware of my surroundings. I guess, now it’s about 50:50.

Peter is encouraging people to come to the stage: Come here we don’t bite.

Fan: How did you all adjust to the huge female attention?
Peter: Quite comfortably. It’s been fantastic. Fan: How does your wife deal with it? Jenny is pretty secure. She’s ok with it. She knows I’m not going anywhere. [the audience is regretting this with a lot of "ohs"] Especially not without a passport. [Peter laughs]

Alex: I’m quite comfortable with it.

Fan: Could you tell us any embarrassing or funny stories from the set?
Justin: We were shooting a scene and I slapped Mike in the ass really hard. But he just kept going and that’s the take they were using in the movie. Other than that, people were mixing up lines all the time.

Alex: Actually I have one. I was trying to teach Kiowa a proper punch. And he got a little too excited with practising and hit me pretty hard on my face. He actually broke my nose. You’re a bit too far away but look at it now! It used to be straight. But it was my fault and it was rather embarrassing for me.

Peter: Did you sue him?

Alex: No. But from then on I made a chase around him.

Peter: I have a story that was actually pretty funny for me, I don’t know how you like it. When we started filming New Moon, I was in a card shop. I don’t remember why I ended up there but then in front of me there was this card saying. ONE DAY WE WILL FIND A PROPER JOB FOR YOU THAT REALLY SUITS YOU.
And so I decided to give it to Rob as a joke. He didn’t understand it at first and after I explained he decided to pass it on to Kristen. Then he came back to me telling me that Kristen actually got mad at him. Well the thing is, it’s basically like saying to an actor: You suck at your job!

Fan: What would you say that someone needs, who wants to become an actor?
Alex: I always say, acting is not only a race it’s a miracle. You get turned down so often. So you have to have a passion and knowing that this is what you have to do.

Peter: If you want to be famous, just rob a bank. If you want to be an actor, just act.

Fan to Peter: Dr. Cooper or Dr. Cullen?
Peter: You mean, as Dr. Cooper is some kind of jerk and Dr. Cullen isn’t? I’d say they’re different types of character. Dr. Cooper seems to be very strong on the outside but is a mess and Dr. Cullen is just a solid rock. I liked playing them both.

Fan: What’s your favourite scenes in the Twilight movies?
Peter: I wish I was hanging out in the trees somehow. [laughing] Seriously, it makes me really happy when all the Cullens are in the same scene. I like the dynamic of that family.

Alex: I was about to say the same. I really like the scene with Emilly at her house. When the whole wolfpack is there, like a family. There is something pretty real about them.

Justin: I’d like to have done some action, like the vampires.

Fan to Peter: After all the doctor characters, do you ever play doctor at home with your wife?
Peter: No. Sorry.

Fan: How did you feel when you got the part?
Justin: I felt awesome. Anytime you get to work as an actor, it’s amazing. I was stoked. I was ready by day 1.

Peter: Someone else originally got my part and I was very disappointed as I thought I was good in the audition and Catherine and I got along well. But the other actor didn’t work out. So I was next on the list. I was actually very connected to the character and when they chose me, I had the feeling it was meant to be.

Alex: It’s kind of winning the lottery. I heard about some statistic that 4000 people went out for the wolf pack roles. It felt right at this time of my life. When I found out that they chose me, I was relieved. It was destiny.

Fan: Are there any kind of super powers that you would like to have?
Peter: I’d like to fly that would be really cool. I kind of felt I got the short end of the stick. Edward can read minds, Alice can see the future and …. Carlisle has compassion … Even if I’m the most compassionate man in the room, I still want to have both.

Fan: Will you do something like this Con in Australia one day?
Peter: I think they’ve done one already and they’ll do another one I think in September. This is actually something I really like that this movie gives us the possibility to travel. I would love to go to Australia. But I’m working then. If I had no day job, I’d just fly around and meet people all the time.

Fan to Peter: In what way was it different to do Twilight, which was a low budget movie, and New Moon?
Peter: Well, Twilight was a 30Mio dollar movie, but considered independent as Summit was not one of the big studios then. It was pretty chaotic at some days as we were literally racing though it.
New Moon is more of a studio picture and the food was better. I’m excited to see to where the extra money lead us.

Fan: Boxers or briefs?
Peter is checking.

Alex also: I mix them.

Justin: it’s depending on the situation.

One fan girl: I just wanted to say that the others might be Team Edward or Team Jacob, but I’m Team Paul. Alex raises a fist: Thank you! I like that a lot!

The moderator asks Peter to only do one more question as he has to go.

Peter: I’ll do whatever this guy likes as he’s bigger than me. But what he actually meant to say is: More questions.
Moderator: I’ll shut down your microphone.

Fan to Peter: Were you nervous to play Dr. Cooper?
Peter: No. I’m an actor. I play different roles. I remember that people were angry when I got the role as they just saw me as Dr. Carlisle. But I really have to mix it up otherwise I get bored.

Fan to Peter: Was there any scene in the book that you would have liked to be in the movie?
Peter: In Twilight the book went more into detail on Carlisle [laughing]. I would have liked more history of Carlisle in the movie.

Then the moderator shuts down Peter’s microphone as they have to go and do some more photo shoots.
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Interview mit Peter,Justin und Alex
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